Lucca Connections has worked and is currently networking with many professionals and artisans within Lucca to further assist all of our clients with buying, selling, renting, refurbishing, building and remodeling needs. Lucca Connections offers guidance and reassurance to their clients when it comes to taking care of their home away from home. A summarized list has been provided to outline the most requested property services by our clients. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to CONTACT US


One-Time Services

  • Translator services for weddings, court cases, bank transactions

  • Liaison between client and attorney for legal matters

  • Liaison between client and businesses for individual matters

  • Liaison between client and professionals for personal matters


Property Maintenance Services

  • Organization of certified professionals for maintenance needs

  • Coordinate a monthly property inspection during non-letting season

  • Creation of custom annual maintenance package for your property

  • Provide on-call service for maintenance related issues


Property Management Services

  • Administrative and Accounting needs

  • Consultation on renovation projects

  • Translation of contractual documents for all types of renovation projects

  • Managing any type of restoration project

  • Organization of changeover and hookup of all utility bills

  • Setup of property insurance coverage


Buying & Selling Services

  • Liaison between the buyer and the seller

  • Consultation on the selling aspects of your property

  • 1 on 1 contact when buying a property

  • Coordinator of and translator during contractual agreements

  • Assistance in buying process

  • Collaboration with professionals when closing on a property


Letting Services

  • Handling of lettings

  • Consultation on letting your property

  • Arrangement of meet and greets for guests arrival

  • Organization of requested guest services

  • Consultation on marketing your property for vacation rentals

  • Act as primary contact for your property